we can print on all types of material, adhesive and non-adhesive for any kind of end product.

The label is your product’s “business card”

A quality label draws attention to your product and helps you to convey your corporate image effectively.Innovation and research have always been among our priorities, enabling us to offer solutions that go beyond those usually adopted for SELF-ADHESIVE LABELS. We have all the printing technologies known on the market: our rotary machines print up to six colours simultaneously and apply anti-UV coatings to any type of paper or synthetic film, always ensuring very high production rates. We are therefore able to offer you the very best price-quality ratio.


Heat-shrink sleeves

Fit any shape

A sleeve is a tubular label that shrinks when heated, perfectly fitting the product, whatever its shape, and giving it great visual appeal.


Plain and printed

Plain or specially processed

Plain white or pre-printed labels, produced in a vast range of formats and materials. Supplied on reels or as sheets.

Seal & open-and-close

Preserve and guarantee the product

These labels allow easy opening and re-sealing of packages, to keep the product fresh; they also protect against tampering.


Maximise the label surface area

These labels can have several pages and are resealable or detachable. A great solution to maximize limited space.


Maximum adhesion, repositionable

These labels adhere to smooth surfaces electrostatically thus do not need adhesives. They can be repositioned several times.


Protect your products

These labels protect your products and their originality. RFid tags, holograms, micro-text and VOID materials.


Scratch and sniff

Using scent to appeal to the customer

These labels are treated with a special coating imbued with microcapsules containing perfumed essence.


Make your product stand out


Colourful, with glitter effects or holograms. High visual impact for drawing attention to a discount or an offer on a product.


For a distinctive effect


These labels are highly resistant to weathering. Made from transparent bicomponent resin, they have a distinctive 3D effect.


For all items of clothing

Woven, laser-etched, thermoadhesive and self-adhesive: these labels are ideal for all items of clothing.

Peel Off and Twin label

Can be peeled off, removed, read and replaced

A removable multipurpose label with several sides, allowing you to add extra information.


No-label look

Product and container are clearly visible

Completely invisible. Made with ultra-transparent materials, these labels give the product a stylish, “undressed” effect.

Labels with variable data

For product coding and tracking

Labels bearing progressive numbers, barcodes, QR codes, addresses, letters. Printed in classic formats or shaped.