Multipage labels


To gain space

Multipage labels are an excellent solution when the available space is limited and needs to be maximized. Indeed, it can sometimes be necessary to create extra space for information in different languages, details of discounts or competitions, and lists of ingredients, for example.   

These labels have a number of pages. They come in different sizes and formats and can be printed in colour, as required. Multipage labels can take the form of leaflets, folded concertina fashion, or they can be detachable or have a transparent resealable cover; alternatively, when numerous pages are needed, they can be like booklets (bound like a book).

It is also possible to insert tactile symbols for the visually impaired.

The evolution of multipage labels


Innovation and research have always been important to us, enabling us to offer solutions that go beyond those usually adopted for self-adhesive labels.

Every day, we strive to find perfect solutions, designed to best enhance every single product. Accordingly, we have designed a unique system for producing multipage labels specially created for customers with specific needs.

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