Peel off and Twin label


Multilayer, removable and repositionable

Peel-off, also known as multilayer labels, are produced by printing the same pattern on several parts of the same label, creating one or more separately detachable parts.
They can have two layers (4 printable surfaces), 3/4/5 layers, or a booklet format; they can be printed in multiple colours, also internally, and there is the option of adding various other features, such as a tear-off system.

Twin labels are special self-adhesive “page-like” labels where a second layer (or page) can be applied on top of the first, thereby forming two pages that, after being read, can be repositioned as they were. There is a special adhesive between the two pages that allows them to be opened and closed in this way.

They can be printed in up to four/five colours per page.
These labels have many different possible applications: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and in the food industry to increase the space for indicating ingredients or for including detachable coupons.

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